Saturday, January 2, 2010

Look what I got to do the other day....

I love this child so very much! He makes me smile!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twelve and counting

I would like to tell you all a little story. It is about my family and our unbelievably bad luck with dogs. It starts a little over eleven years ago with a beautiful lab named rebel. He was our first; we got him as a puppy and thought we would have him forever. Sadly after six short months he meet his demise. It came in the form of a ford flat bed. Ouch!! Then there was a string of black dogs that sadly all died of privio. (sp?) Then we had the twins…..yes they were twins and the only way you could tell them apart was the female had a bald spot on her ass where Adam’s mom ran her over. Sadly they lasted about 4 months before some mysterious germ got them both within days of each other. From here it kind of just gets sad. We had one that Adam had to put down, two that caught the same mysterious germ, one that practically liquefied. Then there was a beautiful husky that Noah was given on his 2nd birthday that he named two. He lasted about a week before Adam accidentally ran over him. Noah was also given a black lab at the same time that he named fatback. Fatback was probably the smartest dog we had, he ran away after about two months. He knew somehow that he needed to get out while he still could. Now you would think at this point we would give up. Dogs are just not for some people. We have lived by this fact for the past five years, until recently Noah has really been wanting a puppy. Adam having fond memories of his beloved “Bear” and my memories of a great German shepherd named “Sally” liked the idea of the boys having a dog to grow up with decided to give it one more shot. Vowing this one would be different. We would do things differently, first and foremost watching when we back up! Adam lucked up on a Great Pyrenees/mix puppy at the Polk co animal shelter. So on Monday as a late Christmas surprise we brought “Luke” home (I will have to tell the story of him coming home another time, it is quite comical). Luke is a very cute happy 10 week old pup. He likes warm milk, fleece blankets, and sleeping in the middle of the living room floor. If you know me, you are probably shocked that this pup has been allowed inside my house, but I seem to have “sucker” wrote across my forehead. It’s just so cold outside and he is just so dang cute. So everyone keep your fingers crossed that the 12th time is the charm! Here are a few pics of the newest member of our clan!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One cup of crazy, here please

Hormones are such nasty little things. They can make a perfectly sane person go from crying to mad in a five second time span. Before long you will find yourself in a total different reality. You will believe and can not be convinced otherwise that your best friend is no longer your best friend that she doesn’t want to talk to you, spend time with, or even hear your voice. You will then go further, believing that you have no friends. The ones you use to claim as your own are talking about you behind your back and you are nothing more than a joke to them. You will know that your husband is avoiding you and doing his best to ignore every thing you say. Hormones will make you yell at your kids when they don’t need it and hug them when they do. On-star commercials will make you cry and then you will cry because you feel stupid for crying. Heaven help the bad driver that makes the mistake of pulling out in front of you. Surly jail time would follow that mistake if you had a gun in the car. The lady at the fast food window didn’t realize she was having a bad day until you drove up. Getting out of bed is a little more than you can handle and when you finally do, you spend the rest of the day counting down the hours until you can climb back in. People will tell you that you are in a bad mood or are being moody, however you will not care. It really won’t matter until you yourself realize that hormones have over taken your body, but by then it is just too late for everyone involved. Hormones will push every button you have, play on every fear and emotion you can come up with. Rational thought will only pop out every so often and make you question all the craziness you have been spreading around. Even then you will wonder about it, because you haven’t seen the rational side of things in so long you are not sure what it looks like anymore. Smarter people than me say that these nasty little hormones only kick in around your cycle time; however this smart woman knows they happen far more regularly than that. You actually have more hormonal days than regular days a month. This smart woman wonders how my husband lives with me, my children put up with me and honestly why I haven’t ended up in jail yet! Sometimes it sucks to be female.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is it really to much........

I want normal. Is it really so much to ask for? I can handle all the other issues, small and big problems that may arise. I just want normal and damn it I. WANT. IT. NOW!!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A big bad world

I am just so dishearted this morning. Noah has been staying in aftercare at school this week and I let him take his Nintendo DS with him so he would have something to do after he finished his homework. As a plus we also went ahead and gave him the new game I picked up on eBay, because he got all A’s on his report card, aced his spelling test, and got a really nice note sent home from his teacher. He was more than excited about his new game and had not put his DS down since getting it. Sadly he did decide to put it up yesterday afternoon to go do something else, tucking it safely in his back pack. When grandma got there he went to get his bag and noticed it was unzipped and the DS was gone. He cried all the way home and hit the front door with big tears in his eyes and his chin quivering. It saddens me, because I know my Noah he is to anal and has a memory like an elephant, him and I both know that he did in fact put it up in his bag and that some other child felt it necessary to steal it from him. How sad is that? That a child could go through another child’s bag and take something that doesn’t belong to them. I would love to give the benefit of doubt that he just misplaced it or left it behind, but like I said I know my Noah and how he is about his things. What is even worse is I have a pretty good idea which little snot took it. This child is as rotten as they come, he walks around like the world owes him something and he is too good to notice anyone who is not falling at his feet. That must be a hard way to live for a 7 year old. I can not imagine thinking this way at 7 years old. I guess when your mother is practically the same way and this is all you know it is easy. Sadly this child comes across as if I want it I will take it and I am afraid that is what has happened to Noah’s DS. When I went in to talk to Noah about it he fell apart, saying that he was sorry and he didn’t want us to be mad. Looking at my big guy I got a little choked up, I was not ready for him to find out that there are people out there like that yet. That sadly kids do steal what does not belong to them. That life sometime just sucks. I held his little face in my hands and told him that it was not his fault some one stole from him; it was not his fault at all. That I knew he had taken care of his things and it would all be ok. I would find out what happened to it and make it better. Let’s just hope I can make it better. In true Noah fashion last night during prayers he prayed for the person who ever they may be. He prayed that they would know what they did was wrong and return it to him; he prayed that they would never do this again to someone else and he would forgive them no matter their reasons. He humbles me……..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blast from the past

You know when your in high school you never think about what might come back and bite you in the ass one day. You do not think twice about standing for a stupid photo or passing out pictures. It never crosses your mind at the time that you will one day grow up and will not want to be reminded of your high school days. For some stupid reason I never saw any harm in passing out pictures and to be honest back then never minded having my picture taken. There was a girl whom to be perfectly honest was just a little different, to put it nicely and it was easier to go along with her and get away from her as quickly as possible, than to be rude to her. She was always just there, you know what I mean? Well this is what happens when you decide to not be rude. She pops up almost 15 years later and post pictures of you on face book for not only you to see but all the other idiots you went to school with. At lest I am not the only one she decided needed a flash back. It freaked me out a little, I don’t even still have an old prom picture (looking at it you can probably tell why?!? I look drugged and like I was carrying a funeral arrangement) but she sure enough did and why would you hang onto someone’s picture that you where not really goods friends with for 15 years. Apparently Joy was smart enough to not hand out anything…….I did not see her mug posted all over face book……bitch! Lol So, being good natured because I know you all want to see I will share with you. Man, I really hope she doesn’t pull anything else out!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Goodbye Summer

Yeah, it has been a while since I have posted anything and instead of boring you all with what has been going on the past few weeks, we will just skip over that. I am like most every other human who looks forward to fall, the leaves changing, the cooler weather, and to be honest its like the count down begins to Christmas with the coming of fall. However, as much as I look forward to fall I will miss the summer months.